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Exchange installed on Win2008 GC DC ADAccess Discovery issues

I’ve recently come across a problem where my exchange 2007 environment would stop sending and receiving mail if the main domain controller was offline, after we had some trouble with the PDC. If you restarted the exchange box, exchange would fall over and nothing would start, leaving you with an event log riddled with exchange startup errors. This is what I did to resolve my problem.

How to: Add iSCSI SAN storage to VMWare ESXI 3

How to: Add iSCSI SAN storage to VMWare ESXI

A quick tutorial on how to use the iSCSI initiator in ESXI server to add a LUN from a SAN to ESXI’s storage


Pimp my server room

So my server room is kinda finished (Until my new Dell kit for our VMWare cluster arrives), with pimping and all… What do you think?